Frequently asked questions

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    What machines do you work on?
    We service and repair all major brands of Motorcycles and ATV's. Yamaha, Honda, Polaris, Suzuki, Kymco, Artic Cat, etc.... NO Chinese machines!
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    How much do you charge?
    Our current shop rate is $50 per hour. We charge actual time on your machine not estimates from a book.
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    Will you install parts I bring in?
    Sometimes, it really depends on what it is. There are a lot of "Bargain" parts on-line that are complete junk! I order from companies I trust.
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    I bought an electrical component from you can I bring it back?
    No, I wish I could take it back but I can not. No manufacture that I know of allows for return of electrical or electronic items in the motorcycle industry.
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    Will you give me an estimate on a repair?
    I will not give an accurate set in stone estimate for your repair. I will give you a general, if no other issues are found and everything goes smoothly guestimate.
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    Why won't you work on my "Chinese Machine"?
    Easy answer! With a very few exceptions the machines are built to a poor standard with poor parts availability. Even if I can get the part the quality of replacement parts are very hit and miss.
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    Do you give warranties on engine rebuilds or repairs?
    That is really done on an individual basis. If you bring in a utility ATV that needs a top end and has been well maintained through out its lifespan. I will back up my repairs much longer than someone that brings me a ragged out motorcycle or ATV that is beat to death. You my friend get none!
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    Do you have used parts for sale?
    No I don't carry used parts.
If you have more questions please contact us